Majen Certification Training - CNA, Medication Management and CPR


About our school

Katie Grimm and Jennifer Powers saw a need for the training of caregivers in Nevada. As a result, MÁJEN was started in 2001 initially offering certification training for caregivers in Assisted Living Facilities. Course offerings included Medication Management Certification and First Aid & CPR. In 2005, a course in Medication Management for Supported Living Arrangements was added, followed by juvenile detention agencies and foster caregivers. In 2014 Nursing Assistant Training was added to the course offerings.

The Nursing Assistant course was approved by Nevada State Board of Nursing (NSBN) and Commission of Postsecondary Education (CPE) in September 2014. On September 1, 2015, MÁJEN was awarded a full term license from CPE.

Medication Management Training was initially approved by HCQC in February 2001 and added to the CPE license in September 2016.