Majen Certification Training - CNA, Medication Management and CPR


Nursing Assistant Training Program

Prepare yourself for a career in the exciting health care industry.  Our Nursing Assistant Training Program provides both classroom and hands-on training to prepare the student for the Nevada State Licensing exam.  This program is uniquely designed for the acute care environment of a hospital; 100% clinical experience is provided at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center.  The program is approved by the Nevada State Board of Nursing, and instruction is provided by highly skilled Registered Nurses. Click here for cost and requirements for this course.

This class was designed and written specifically to fulfill Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 449.037 and Nevada Administrative Codes (NAC) 449.2742 - 449.2748 for Assisted Living Facilities in the state of Nevada. This course is certified by the State of Nevada Bureau of Health Care Quality & Compliance, and approved by the Commission of Postsecondary Education and is updated and re-certified every two years. However, other industries that provide services in a residential setting use this course to give their caregivers a good foundation when assisting with medication.  The initial course is a two-day, 16 hour class which includes twelve hours of classroom instruction and four hours practical training. The course covers basic guidelines to assist residents/clients when taking medication. Students will also learn how to read medication labels and instructions that accompany medications and how to complete the documentation necessary to accurately keep records in your facility. Attendees will learn about the regulations that govern Assisted Living Facilities as they pertain to medication assistance.  Finally, the instructor covers what caregivers should do if an error has been made or if a resident experiences an adverse drug reaction. This course is re-certified every year.

CPR, AED & First Aid

These certification courses are taught using American Heart Association (AHA) course materials and all instructors are certified by the American Heart Association. Instructors go through re-certification every two years to stay up to date with current guidelines. We offer a variety of CPR certification courses to fulfill the needs of your specific industry. All AHA certifications need to be re-certified every two years.

**CAUTION** There are a lot of fraudulent websites who offer CPR but are NOT certified by the AHA. Protect yourself by being aware of this fraud and staying away from online CPR courses, unless you are directed by to use an American Heart Association online course through 

Click here to learn more about this scam.